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  • Fluke TiS10 Infrared Camera

    Easy to use, point and shoot entry level infrared camera with 80x60 resolution -- ideal for quick scans and inspections. Learn More
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  • Fluke TiS20 Infrared Camera

    Affordable, fixed focus infrared camera with 120x90 resolution and three presets of IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend, making documenting problems quick and easy. Learn More
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  • Fluke TiS40 Infrared Camera

    Find problems faster in industrial applications with the TiS40 fixed focus infrared camera -- 160x120 resolution and IR-Fusion® with blending and PIP mode. Learn More
  • Fluke TiS45 Infrared Camera

    Electricians and technicians can increase the speed of inspecting and repairing with the TiS45 Infrared Camera's 160x120 resolution and manual focus. Learn More
  • Fluke TiS50 Infrared Camera

    Find problems fast in electrical, mechanical and building applications with the TiS50 Infrared Camera's 220x165 resolution and IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend and PIP mode. Learn More
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  • Fluke TiS55 Infrared Camera

    Quickly identify potential building, electrical, and mechanical problems with the manual focus TiS55 Infrared Camera's crisp and clear 220x165 resolution. Learn More
  • Fluke TiS60 Infrared Camera

    Identify problems quickly with the fixed focus, TiS60 Infrared Camera with 260x195 resolution and precision image blending with IR-Fusion® technology. Learn More
  • Fluke TiS65 Infrared Camera

    The combination of 260x195 resolution, IR-Fusion® technology and manual focus delivers quality images, making problem detection faster and easier. Learn More
  • Fluke TiS75 Infrared Camera

    With 320x240 resolution and manual focus, the TiS75 produces professional quality images to make it easy to both see and solve the problem. Learn More

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