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Syland M6000 O2 - Triomat Inline Dissolved Oxygen System

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3 Channel - Continous Online Monitoring for O2 measurement

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Product Description

Features and Benefits

  • 3-fold oxygen measurement reading or oxygen + temperature + average reading
  • Supports efficient and economic operation of your plant
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Very simple maintenance and handling

Two Variants Available

Variant 1: Metallically isolated recorder outputs (0/4-20mA) for oxygen (3-times)

In this analyzer, 3 probes are transmitted over 3 simultaneous amplifiers to 3 x current output 4 – 20 mA. The measuring of temperature is – by means of the sensor selector switch – only available for air calibration. This permits covering three freely chosen measuring points at the same time, e.g. preliminary clarification, biological stage and effluent or three different points in one great basin, allowing your plant to be controlled or regulated via the 3 metallically isolated recorder outputs (0/4-20mA). The sensors 1-3 are assigned to calibration or monitoring by means of a selector switch.

Variant 2: Recorder output (0/4-20mA) for oxygen, temperature and average value

It has been shown in practice that O2-concentrations in clarification basins or reactors are often inhomogeneous. For this reason, the device includes an automatic averaging function enabling more accurate control of your plant:

With this type, the probes 1-3 are averaged over and transmitted with current output 0/4-20mA (metallically isolated, permanently active). The different sensors can be masked out by means of 3 tappet switches. So the measuring is, e.g. during a sensor refitting,not disturbed; the value is now averaged over the two remaining probes. Via the sensor selec-tor switch the temperature of the selected sensor is available as recorder output 0/4-20mA.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Specifications N/A
Application Aquaculture, Chemical Processing , Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, Mining Slurries
Duty Cycle Heavy


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