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Testo 312-3 Versatile Pressure Meter

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Load and tightness tests of gas pipes

Pressure testing of water pipes using air

Switchable measuring ranges with high resolution

DVGW approval

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Product Description

Before water and gas pipes are commissioned, they should be checked for tightness. You have to carry out a load test in addition to a tightness test on gas pipes. In both cases, pressure is built up in the pipe using air or inert gas and measured over a defined period of time. You can use the testo 312-3 pressure measuring instrument for this measurement. 

It can also be used for tightness and load tests on water pipes, provided that the pressure test is carried out using air. The testo 312-3 DVGW-tested pressure measuring instrument is also useful for other individual pressure measurements.

Testo's reliable testo 312-3 pressure measuring instrument measures up to 6,000 hPa. You have the possibility of setting freely adjustable limit values, so that the pressure measuring instrument warns you immediately if these limit values are breached by displaying an alarm.

Practical features of the Testo pressure measuring instrument

The testo 312-3 pressure measuring instrument offers a high level of operating convenience in order for you to carry out pressure measurement efficiently. As well as the measuring values, you can also read the time on the clear display. The measuring ranges are switchable. And the optional testo fast printer means you can produce measurement data printouts directly on site.

Whats Included: testo 312-3 | Calibration Protocol |

Technical Data

Storage Temperature -20 to + 60°C
Operating temperature  4 to + 45 °C
Battery type 9V block battery
Battery life 50 h
Dimensions 215 x 68 x 47 mm
Housing material  ABS


Instrument Sensor 

Measuring range -300 to +300 hPa -6.000 to +6.000 hPa
Accuracy  ±0.5 hPa
(0 to +50 hPa)
±1.5% of mv
(≥50 hPa)
±4 hPa (0 to +400 hPa)
±2% of mv
(+400 to +2.000 hPa)
±4% of mv
(+2.000 to +6.000 hPa)
Resolution  0.01 hPa 1 hPa
Overload ±8.000 hPa


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