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Testo 320 low cost gas anlayser kit

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CO, O2 and CO2 also measures 
ambient CO, draught and pressure

Fast 30-second startup 

Field-replaceable, pre-calibrated 
sensors for accurate system analysis

Differential pressure & Flow Velocity

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Product Description

The Testo 320 low cost gas anlayser kit, offering comprehensive combustion system analysis, is designed for the job site and for the contractor who expects more. Use the Testo combustion analyzer for basic testing and tuning of all types of boilers, heaters or furnaces and also to set up and commission more complex multi-stage or modulating heating systems, for accurate combustion efficiency analysis.

Innovative features like the flue gas matrix will graphically display the combustion characteristics, which is an easy way to show if the heating system is running efficiently. Additionally the Testo 320 makes the job easier by displaying from 2 to 8 user-defined parameters simultaneously. The Testo 320 eliminates the guess work and provides accurate combustion system analysis.

You will find the testo 320 basic flue gas analyzer a reliable tool for carrying out installation and maintenance work on heating systems. A compact flue gas analyzer, it can be used to measure flue gas, draught, pressure, ambient CO and differential temperature. 

Self-explanatory menu guidance makes operation simpler and makes your job easier. Thanks to the high‑resolution colour display, the readings are easy to read off even when the light is poor. The flue gas analyzer can store up to 20 measurement protocols. It is possible to export the measurement protocols in Excel optionally via mini-USB. 

Quality that you can depend on: the testo 320 basic flue gas analyzer is TÜV-tested according to EN 50379, Part 1-3 and to 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV)

The Testo 320 flue gas analyzer – facts and features

  • Flue gas analysis on heating systems: the testo 320 basic flue gas analyzer is equipped with two sensors – an O2 and a CO sensor (without H2 compensation). In the case of CO measurement, the measuring range goes up to 4,000 ppm. You need a flue gas probe for the flue gas measurement (can be ordered separately). A temperature probe is integrated into the probe. All relevant flue gas measurement parameters can therefore be calculated: CO2 value, efficiency and flue gas loss. The flue gas analyzer is also suitable for flue draught measurements or pressure measurements

  • Changing probes is easy: The probes can be changed by the user. This means you can order other probes specifically required for your flue gas analysis (e.g. multi-hole probe, dual wall clearance probe, flexible flue gas probe)

  • Single-hose connection: in just one hand movement, all channels for the flue gas measurement can be securely connected via the probe coupling (gas paths, draught, temperature probe integrated in the flue gas probe, which can be ordered separately)

  • Long service life thanks to the long-life Li-ion rechargeable battery

  • Built-in magnets enable the flue gas analyzer to be attached to the burner/boiler quickly and easily

  • Integrated condensate trap: easy to empty

6 Parameters in 1 Instrument 

| Flue gas measurements | Flue draft measurements | Gas flow and static gas pressure | Gas leak detection| Ambient CO | Temperature |


What Does the Testo 320 Really measure

| O2, CO , CO2 | Undiluted CO | Ambient CO | Draft | Pressure | Flow verlocity | Temperature (flue & ambient) | Combustion/flue gas efficiency & excess air | 

Whats Included: testo 320 combustion analyzer, lithium battery, sensors, probe with cone, hose, silicon tubing (for pressure), extra particulate filters (5), AC power supply (USB), calibration protocol certificate, & case


Technical Data

Storage Temperature -20 to + 50°C
Operating temperature -50 to + 45 °C
Power Supply  Battery: 1500 mAh, mains unit 5V/1A
Battery life 250 h (less with use Bluetooth & Backlit)
Dimensions 201 x 83 x 44 mm



Instrument Sensor 

Accuracy ±1 digit Resolution Adjustment time t90
Temperature  -40 to +1200 °C ±0.5 °C (0 to +100.0 °C) 
±0.5 % of m.v. (remaining range)
0.1 °C (-40 to +999,9 °C) 1 °C (> 1000 °C)  
Draught measurement -9.99 to +40 hPa ±0.02 hPa or ±5% of m.v. (-0.50 to +0.60 hPa)
±0.03 hPa (+0.61 to +3.00 hPa) 
±1.5% of m.v. (+3.01 to +40.00 hPa)
0.01 hPa with fine draught option 0.001 hPa  
Pressure measurement 0 to +300 hPa ±0.5 hPa (0.0 to 50.0 hPa) 
±1% of m.v. (50.1 to 100.0 hPa)
±1.5 % of m.v. (remaining range)
0.1 hPa with fine draught option 0.01 hPa  
O2 measurement 0 to 21 Vol. % ±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 Vol. % ˂ 20 s
CO measurement (without H2-compensation) 0 to 4000 ppm ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm) 
±5% of m.v. (401 to 2000 ppm) 
±10% of m.v. (2001 to 4000 ppm)
1 ppm ˂ 60 s
CO measurement (H2-compensated) 0 to 8000 ppm ±10 ppm or ±10% of m.v. (0 to 200 ppm)
±20 ppm or ±5% of m.v. (201 to 2000 ppm) 
±10% of m.v. (2001 to 8000 ppm)
1 ppm ˂ 40 s
Determination of degree of effectivity (Eta) 0 to 120%   0.1%  
Flue gas loss 0 to 99.9%   0.1%  
CO2 determination digital calculation from O2 0 to CO2 max ±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 Vol. %  
Option CO low measurement (H2-compensated) 0 to 500 ppm ±2 ppm (0 to 39 ppm)
±5% of m.v. (40 to 500 ppm)
0.1 ppm ˂ 40 s
Ambient CO measurement (with CO probe) 0 to 500 ppm ±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm)
±5% of m.v. (> 100 ppm)
1 ppm  
Gas leak measurement for flammable gases (with gas leak detection probe) 0 to 10.000 ppm CH4 / C3H8 Signal optical display (LED) audible signal via buzzer   ˂ 2 s
Ambient CO2 measurement (with ambient CO2 probe) 0 to 1 Vol. %
0 to 10.000 ppm
±50 ppm or ±2% of m.v. (0 to 5000 ppm) 
±100 ppm or ±3% of m.v. (5001 to 10000 ppm)
Differential pressure, flow velocity and temperature via fine pressure probe ±10.000 Pa 0.15 to 3 m/s 
max. -40 to +1,200 °C (dependent on probe)
±0.5 Pa (0 to 9.99 Pa) plus ±1 Digit 
±3% of m.v. (10 to 10.000 Pa) plus ±1 Digit

±0.5 °C (-40 to 100 °C) ±0.5 % of m.v. (rem. measuring range) plus probe accuracy
0.1 m/s
0.1 °C

Additional Information

Additional Information

Application Emissions, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Pharmaceuticals & Hospitals, Refrigeration, Storage & Transport


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