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Testo 476 Hand-held Stroboscope (Xenon)

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High setting accuracy and stability thanks to dynamic setting dial. Memory and rechargable.

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Product Description

Ideal for rpm measurement and for the inspection of parts moving at high frequencies: the testo 476 hand-held stroboscope with high-intensity light.

  • High setting accuracy and stability thanks to dynamic setting dial
  • High light intensity due to energy optimised switching electronics and powerful xenon flashlamp
  • Memory function (last reading is stored when switched off)
  • Powerful rechargeable battery pack for min. 2 hours' continuous operation without mains connection over the whole frequency range

Product description

The testo 476 hand-held Xenon stroboscope with high-intensity light allows fast-moving objects to appear in slow motion. In doing so, the hand-held stroboscope measures and checks rotational and vibratory movements. It enables measurement of very small objects or in inaccessible places – what is more, without any interruption to the production process. The testo 476 is therefore ideally suited for rpm measurement and for the inspection of parts moving at high frequencies.

Where the testo 476 hand-held stroboscope is used

  • Air conditioning/ventilation technology: monitoring/checking that HVAC systems are working properly
  • Textile industry: monitoring of thread guides on knitting machines (extremely fast flash frequency needed)  
  • Automotive industry: detecting vibration hotspots in exhaust systems
  • Packaging machines: monitoring bottle sealing and labelling
  • Metal foil production: monitoring product quality
  • Vibratory conveying technology: checking for defects during operation
  • Printing industry/flexo printing/label printing: monitoring print quality 

rpm - Xenon

Technical data 

Measuring range

30 to 12500 rpm


±0.01 % of mv


1 rpm

General technical data

Technical data 



Illumination value

800 Lux at distance of approx. 20 cm

Flash colour

6000 to 6500 K

Life-time flash lamp

200,000,000 flashes

Connection external trigger

0 to 5 V DTL/TTL compatible; 3.5 mm / 1/8 Standard plug; Uout=7.2 V unregulated


2 years

Display type


Display size


Display function

5 digit LCD display

Storage battery type

NiMH rechargable battery pack

Battery conservation charging


Overload discharge protection


Battery deep discharge protection


Battery charging time

max. 3.5 h

Mains voltage rech. battery:

100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz


415 g


240 x 65 x 50 mm

Operating temperature

0 to +40 °C

Additional Information

Additional Information

Application Emissions, Indoor Air Quality, Pharmaceuticals & Hospitals, Production & QA , Refrigeration, Storage & Transport


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