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Testo 890-2 Thermal Imaging Camera

Massive 640x480 with Super Resolution = 1280x960. Site Recongition. 3.1MP Visual.

Key Features:

Image quality: IR resolution 640 x 480 pixels
SuperResolution technology to 1280 x 960

Thermal sensitivty <30mK

Site recognition | Panorama Image

Full Videometric function

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Product Description

Be amazed by the precision and image quality of the testo 890-2 infrared camera. The entry-level model of the Testo 890 high-end series successfully meets the thermographic challenges in professional industrial and building thermography. The rotatable, fold-out display enables measurements even in difficult-to-access places.

The entry-level model of the testo 890 high-end series means you are ideally equipped for thermographic challenges in professional industrial and building thermography. This infrared camera's rotatable, fold-out display and its ergonomic rotating handle enable measurements even in difficult-to-access places. The precision and image quality of the infrared camerawill impress you in the following applications: Analysis of building shells at a glance Carrying out comprehensive energy consultation Regular checks in electrical maintenance Precise visualisation of critical temperatures in research & development Optimisation of thermal management for components or assemblies Analysis of energy distribution systems

Testo 890-2 Overview

Up to 307,200 temperature measurement points: A detector size of 640 × 480 pixels ensures accurate detection. Optional SuperResolution Technology takes image quality right up to the next level of 1280 × 960 pixels in next to no time! As a result, the infrared camera even captures extremely high-resolution thermographic images in megapixel quality (1280 × 960 pixels; 1,228,800 readings). This means that you can also take thermal images of the smallest and most distant measuring objects extremely accurately Thermal sensitivity < 40 mK: Even the smallest temperature differences can now be seen 42° wide-angle lens for recording large image sections The camcorder design with wrist strap and ergonomic rotating handle, along with the rotatable, fold-out display make taking images considerably easier. This therefore makes a really wide variety of camera angles and one-hand operation possible with ease Panorama image assistant: Individual images are combined into a panoramic image just when they are being taken. This means you can for instance take thermal images of whole building shells, without having to laboriously put them together or assess them individually Built-in digital camera with power LEDs: You can take well-lit real images to go with every thermal image - which makes documentation and assignment easier Auto-focus for easy one-hand operation and less blurred images Identifying the finest structures: With a minimum focus distance of just 10 cm, you can examine even the smallest structures of only 113 µm with the infrared camera. This makes the analysis of temperature distributions easier in research and development. The optional SuperResolution Technology even enables the identification of 70 µm structures Pro software for image evaluation on the PC included. You can also choose to save the thermal images as JPEGs. Please view the Brochure on the download Tab to view technical data for the Testo 890-2 professional thermal imaging camera


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Application Electrical , Mechanical, Building , Continuous Monitoring, Research
Thermal Sensitivity 60mK or less (High)
Features Auto-Focus, Laser Pointer, Manual Focus, Optional Lenses, Removable Batteries, Touch Screen, Video Recording, Visual Camera, Voice Recording
Resolution 640x480
Data Capacity 2GB, Expandable
Maximum Temperature >600°C+


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