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Ultraprobe 15000

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Inspect, store & manage data accurately & comfortably without exempt work permits!

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Product Description

Ultraprobe 15000

The Ultraprobe 15,000 represents a sizeable step forward for ultrasonic condition monitoring of plant and equipment. Building on the success of previous models, this instrument introduces dozens of new features, and hundreds of little improvements based on years of feedback and development.

Ultraprobes are used throughout industry to check valves, detect electrical discharge, locate pressure and vacuum leaks, monitor bearings and test steam traps. The Ultraprobe 15,000 has been designed to speed up and enhance these vital inspections, and help operators make more informed decisions.

Collecting test data is a breeze, and everything that you need is available at the touch of an icon. You can...

  • Monitor critical bearings and store dB readings.
  • Record baseline sound files for high-voltage electrical equipment and new bearings.
  • Use the built-in infrared thermometer to aid diagnosis of faulty steam traps.
  • And take digital photos of leak locations to speed up repairs.

With so much more information being displayed and saved, the Ultraprobe 15,000 also lets you review all of this test data at any time...

  • Evaluate previous data, including charts, photos and sound files.
  • Play and analyse sound files on the instrument itself, enabling operators to make better assessments in the field.
  • And sort through the maintenance route to quickly identify readings in alarm to skip ahead to those critical test points.

Downloading data back into the Ultratrend DMS software is as simple as switching off the instrument, and inserting the SD card into your computer or the included SD card reader.

This software then enables you to keep a thorough record of inspections, trend readings over time, report on the condition of equipment and assets, and create costed leak reports. You'll also have access to more advanced sound analysis and comparison features in the UE Spectralyzer software.

Whatever the application or requirement, the Ultraprobe 15,000 is intended to compliment any level of maintenance programme on-site. It is quick to learn and easy to use, and provides technicians and engineers with more information than ever before to identify and diagnose potential problems.

  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Plan/Review Routes on-board
  • Multiple Data Screens: dB/Temperature/ Spectral Analysis
  • Take Temperature with Infrared Thermometer
  • Adjust Emissivity
  • Analyze Conditions with On-board Spectral Analyzer
  • Photograph Test Points with on-board Camera
  • Pinpoint Locations with Laser Pointer
  • Review Alarm Groups & Generate Reports
  • Store Data, Sounds, and Images
  • Review Historical Record Data
  • Use for ALL plant applications

All via touch screen technology with easily recognizable icons! The following video showcases the features of the Ultraprobe 15,000.


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