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Ultraprobe 2000

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Product Description

Ultraprobe 2000

Analogue Ultrasonic Inspection System - the ulimate in ultrasonic inspection and predictive maintenance.

The Ultraprobe® 2000 flexibility and adaptability easily adjusts to meet a wide range of testing demands. This intrinsically safe instrument tests for leaks as well as performs mechanical and electrical inspections.

Flexible - Adaptable Recognizing that every test environment is different, our engineers designed the Ultraprobe with many user-friendly features, which can be adapted to approach virtually any inspection requirement.

Frequency Tuning allows the operator to selsct the specific frequency of a problem sound while reducing interference from competing ultrasonic signals.

Bi-Modal Meter Switch has two meter functions:

  1. Logarithmic Metering will provide instant 'real time' response for enhanced leak and fault detection.
  2. Linear Mode provides a slow, averaging response to stabilize readings for bearing and mechanical monitoring

A 10-turn Sensitivity Adjust Dial provides a wide dynamic sensitivity range.

Trisonic Scanning Module, a patented transducer, consists of a phased array of three transducers, which provides a level of sensitivity beyond anything previously obtainable.

Acoustic Headphones Noise isolating type for loud environments.

Intrinsically Safe FM, CSA, ATEX rated.

Kit includes:

  • Frequency Selection (20 kHz - 100 kHz)
  • Precision edgewise meter
  • 3-way meter/auxiliary mode selector
  • Numerically calibrated 10-turn sensitivity dial
  • Rechargeable battery with low level indicator light
  • Anodized aluminium housing
  • Trisonic Scanning Module
  • Stethoscope/Contact Module
  • Stethoscope Extension kit
  • Rubber Focusing Probe
  • Warble Tone Generator
  • Deluxe noise isolating headset
  • Zero halliburton aluminium carrying case
  • Instruction manual and multimedia training



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