Infrared Thermography Essentials

Infrared Thermography Essentials - Full Day

Infrared Thermography Essentials - 2 Day

2 day workshop. Ideal for beginners. Learn the basics with this value packed jumpstart course.

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Most people would not consider buying a car without test driving it, let alone knowing how to drive one in the first place.

Surprisingly, many people buy thermal imaging equipment with little more than a sales demonstration, and with the false assumption that an infrared camera is simply point and shoot. With limited knowledge of the camera operation, and even less understanding of the camera’s actual measurement capability it is a daunting task to be sent out in the field to collect meaningful data and present this information to clients or superiors.

The Infrared Training Workshop is a first step for people just starting out.

It is aimed at inexperienced or first time users who want to gain practical experience and insight into the operation of thermal imagers and to start them on the “right path” for practical use of their instrument in the field.

2 Day Hands-On Workshop!

For onsite courses, minimum numbers apply. 

For more information about training dates and locations, you can check out our training schedule page

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